One night I was watching a documentary (while knitting….) which noted that coloured sheep were being bred out as white fleeces are more valuable. So after this I was inspired to create a yarn that used beautiful grey fleeces, and that’s how we have Autumn.

Autumn is a fantastic yarn which is already finding its way across the world for knitters to enjoy, I really love to see all of your projects so don’t forget to upload to Ravelry or tag me on Instagram.


Autumn is sourced from British sheep, it is a blend of 25% Gotland and 75% Bluefaced Leicester. I wanted the yarn to be soft, luxurious and completely irresistible, something you just can not resist picking up and knitting with. The Gotland fleece is an illustrious longwool (noted for its fleece of bouncy ringlets), it has a beautiful sheen and true gray base, this is then combined with some BFL (also an illustrious longwool) which has a creamy base colour. These two wools are not completely blended to give a heathered base with great depth of colour when dyed.

I chose the Yorkshire mill Laxton’s to produce the yarn, with their long history of excellent yarns (pop over to their website for some extra info!). After getting to know the company I am REALLY happy with this decision and the product they’ve made really shows the skill of everyone there. And with the wool purchased and scoured in Bradford, we’ve yet to leave The North.


As the name suggestions, Autumn’s, colour range takes inspiration from the changing season, with the crispy golden leaves, turning Maple trees, and stormy rain colours it was easy to be taken in.
Creating a colour palette was something that I spent many sleepless nights on, colours should be cohesive and fit well together, yet able to be swapped in and out. By using nature for inspiration, these colours feel familiar and close to the heart - the yarn base creates amazing depth of colour, and the illustrious sheen dances under the sun.

Autumn knits up as a 4ply/fingering weight, with 385m/100g (note that we’ve checked A LOT of skeins and all go slightly over weight). With a 2-ply, worsted spun construction and medium twist, it has a light and airy touch with soft handle. Stitch definition is good, though really small textures (such as seed stitch) get a little lost unless knitting tight due to the halo and light weight nature of the yarn. Due to being a longwool blend and worsted spin, Autumn, can be used for a variety of projects, from draped wraps to tighter knit sweaters, it’s also been suggested that it would make great socks but we’re yet to try it ourselves (we’ll report with more info soon!).

As with everything you should swatch and block your work, however when testing ourselves there was no noted difference in size.

Where is Autumn available?

In our online store!