Mrs Moon - Plump Super Chunky


Mrs Moon - Plump Super Chunky


Yarn weight: Chunky Skein weight: 100 g
Fibre: 80% superfine merino, 20% baby alpaca
Length: 70 m / 76 yd per 100 g hank
Tension / Gauge: 10 sts / 10cm / 4 in
Needle size: 10 - 15 mm

An unbelievably soft and luxurious yarn; made from the highest quality, ethically sourced, superfine merino and baby alpaca fibres, it is a joy to work with and wear. 

The yarn is roving in nature, meaning that it is single ply with little twist, which helps keep the squidginess of the fibres, but during the spinning process the fibres are slightly felted together to ensure that it doesn't split when you are working with it.

Care: Gently hand wash colours separately in cool water.

Shedding: Because of the roving nature of Mrs Moon yarns some shedding may occur.  The best way to deal with this is spray your finished garment with water and leave to dry flat before the first wearing.  This sets the fibres and should stop any problems.

If you are after different colours please let me know as these can be ordered in swiftly. 

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Australian NewMerino is produced under strict ethical guidelines, each batch can be traced to it's origin to ensure a high standard of fibre and animal husbandry. For more information please click here (it's really interesting!)